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Jacquiline Brassington

Jacqueline Brassington

Eternal Light Healer ® and Gaia Master


m 07891242691

I have been an Eternal Light® healer for 13years, using this system of high frequency Divine energies, to help others.
Also as a Gaia Master, I initiate others into the Foundation energy of the Eternal Light® system, which is:-

GAIA, the Earth Element Healing Ray.

Eternal Light ®Healing, is a range of 18 High frequency Divine energies, which flow through the practitioner’s hands, using principles similar to Reiki.

Eternal Light® energies work to bring the whole body, back into natural balance, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Eternal Light® is both a gentle and powerful form of healing, which can be used along side any other treatment or medication. It is suitable for people of all ages.
The energy which is channelled through the practitioner’s hands, releases trapped negative emotions and restrictive thought patterns.

The energy or combined energies which come through in a healing session, are exactly what the client needs at the time .