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James Brindley
Water Mill.

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The Brindley Mill is a working water powered corn mill built in 1752 by James Brindley. It was restored in 1974. Standing by the River Churnet, it has a pleasant riverside garden. The Mill demonstrates Brindley's work both as an architect and a millwright. It is a designated Ancient Monument and listed by English Heritage as of historic importance.

The Mill reminds us of Brindley's connection with the Staffordshire Moorlands. It was whilst he was resident here that he developed those skills which made him one of the greatest engineers of his age.
The Mill contains a small Museum which is designed to enhance the interest of your visit.
While preserving the atmosphere of a working corn mill, it illustrates the life and work of James Brindley and the history of milling.
Traditional tools associated with milling and the work of the millwright are to be seen, and of James Brindley's own possessions, we have one of his notebooks and a surveyor's level, which was his principal tool in planning the canals which were basic to the industrialisation of the country.

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