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Medium and Psychic


Summer With Bax.

When living seems complex, answers harder to find, this luminously glowing book opens up new directions of thought and vision. Experiencing a fresh 'take' on reality is to transform your surroundings and the ways you relate to them.

In communication with the eminent English composer Sir Arnold Bax (who died in 1953, writer-medium Dilys Gater and her researcher husband Paul Gater take the reader on a unique journey through a vivid summer of discussion and discovery. The boundaries of life and death retreat before an affirmation of the wonders of existence in a bountiful work.

Revitalise the palette of the senses as you experience again the far-ranging,questing challenge and dauntless optimism of youth. Explore true creativity, the artistic disciplines that reflect themselves in the ways we can all live day by day. Know freedom , sipping champagne while listening to music in a beaufiful garden. Watch the sun set over Atlantic breakers and ponder the lost wisdom of the wesern isles of myth and magic.

ISBN: 1-898670-09-9 Price £9.95


Past Lives

Medium Dilys Gater has spent fifteen years working as a psychic consultant. In this book she recounts over fifty case histories exploring the subject of reincarnation and regression into past lives from her personal files. From the spontaneous memories of an 8 year old who could recall his death in a blazing airship to the accounts of past lives as animals, alien life forms, trapped suicides, human sacrifices, great (though unsuspected) souls of genius to ordinary men and women in all ages and periods of history, every page is fascination and compelling.

ISBN: 1-898670-13-7 Price £9.95


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