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Ghost hunter – Ghost Writer



Paul Gater's fascinating new investigation into the phantom realms of battle and conflict is crammed with spooky tales of soldier ghosts from the Romans and the Vikings to red-coats and cavaliers, battles re-fought in the skies, ‘Tommies' in the trenches of WWI and spectral airmen of WW2.

This comprehensive account of true – though sometimes unbelievable – stories covers both the English and American Civil Wars and both World Wars.

The author says: ‘Far more people than one imagines have seen phantom survivors of battle – in the trauma of conflict, many soldiers of all periods of history seem to have been ‘stuck' in the terror and stress of the moment, or doomed to re-enact the events of some horrific clash of arms for ever'.

‘I have researched the dramatic stories of some of them…'

ISBN: 9781898670 186 Price £8.95



What is it like to live in a haunted house or share your space with uneasy spirits? This absorbing investigation of the subject covers hauntings of all kinds world-wide, and includes interviews with psychics, dowsers and mediums as well as with many 'ordinary' people who have encountered ghosts. Read about haunted houses and places, travelling ghosts, phantom ships, planes, objects and animals.
PAUL GATER decided to write this book after accompanying his wife on several occasions when she was called to deal with 'unquiet spirits'. He became so fascinated that as an observer, he felt an honest and unprejudiced investigation into the whole subject was long overdue.
‘Thoughtful and objective, this is not just another ‘ghost' book. It gives the full picture from all points of view – including that of the ghosts! Read it whatever your relationship with the spirit world.'
New Paperback Edition. This book has also been issued in Large Print editions by Chivers Press in the UK and Thorndike Press in the USA.

'A thrilling read that you can't put down....I cannot recommend this book too highly' - Joanna Yorke, Moorlands Trader

ISBN: 9781898670 148 Price: 8.95



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