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Lucie and the Garden Fairies
by Donna Harris

About the book:

This book is aimed at young children who have a love of fairies. It opens up a world that is as close as our own back gardens. Lucie is a young girl who discovers fairies living at the bottom of her garden. She becomes their friend and they often play together. Lucie and the fairies overcome problems and have adventures together.

 Lucie was a young girl, probably no different than you. Yet Lucie had a secret. At the bottom of her garden in a shady area lived the garden fairies. Pastel a pink fairy was Lucies' friend and they often played together.

One day as Pastel and Lucie were playing together some things started flying out of a nearby bush. “Not again” moaned Pastel. “What?” asked Lucie. “It’s Misty, she’s always losing things” said Pastel. As Pastel and Lucie drew closer to the bush cross mutterings could be heard...........

Lucie and the Garden Fairies
is available at
plus all other good bookstores.

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