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Peak Pictures is the visual companion to Staffordshire's 1,000-Foot Peaks (Jeff Kent's guide to the highest hills of the county) and is a unique record of unusual scenes photographed by the author and his companions inthe southern Pennines between 2012 and 2014.
Jeff's conquest of the peaks led him to undertake a series of circular walks often well off the beaten track,which frequently took him into landscapes unfamiliar to most visitors to the area and offered numerous excellent photographic opportunities. Peak Pictures presents the author's 137 favourite photographs from well over a thousand taken during his project.
The book contains a fascinating variety of images, including exclusive shots of hills, rocks, cliffs, moorlands, heaths, rivers, valleys, reservoirs, pools, woods, caves, animals, villages, buildings, bridges, quarries, follies and strange stiles in differing weather conditions over the four seasons of the year.
For alternative views of the Staffordshire Highlands and beyond, which suggest endless ideas for days out with a difference, Peak Pictures is indispensable.


The Mysterious Double Sunset is the first ever published in-depth study of this extraordinary solar phenomenon, which was initially recorded in 1686 and still draws crowds of curious spectators to its traditional observation site at St Edward's churchyard in Leek, in Staffordshire, on the summer solstice. The book outlines the astronomical and geographical factors which produce the remarkable, but transient, churchyard occurrence and analyses recent theories that consider its changes over time. The author also investigates the origins of human observation of the phenomenon, challenges mythistorical claims of an ancient link and suggests that the occurrence was first noticed by Viking invaders.
The Mysterious Double Sunset records the entire known history of the phenomenon and examines the strange mystery of the vanishing occurrence, which has ceased to be visible from the churchyard since approximately 1977. The book also details the author's consequent investigations to discover the reason for the missing double sunset, his scrutiny of the explanatory hypotheses on offer and his final resolutions of the problem.
The Mysterious Double Sunset describes and assesses the relative merits of a series of current viewing sites of the phenomenon, involving four separate hills, and gives detailed advice to the reader on how best to observe their occurrences. Finally, the book provides key visual data on 51 such solar events (including two quintuple sunsets) witnessed by the author at various times of the year from locations in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire, and contains a variety of rare photographs of actual double sunsets.

For further information please contact Jeff Kent on 01782 791673

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