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Jaine Francis
Psychic Tarot Reader

Jaine is a naturally gifted Psychic Tarot reader with over 37 years of
experience. She inherited her gift from her father, a seventh son of
a seventh son, and loves using it to help people explore their
potential future and life path.

She has lived in Leek for the past eleven years and has two grown up
sons aged 22 and 19. She works in the Leek, Stoke on Trent, Buxton
area and loves the moorlands. She is convinced that Leek especially
boosts psychic abilities, hers have grown stronger over the years. She
concentrates on Tarot as a focus to these abilities.

"Tarot is almost limitless in it's possibilities", Jaine says. "Each
card has a traditional meaning, but I work on what they mean to me,
which is unique to each reading. I can 'feel' what the cards are
trying to tell the sitter."

"Tarot cards may look dramatic but they are always on the persons
side. Anything can show up, from a new romance, marriage or career
change to a house move or children. The past, present and future can
be explored. Once in the Tarot energy the reader is outside of time.
Past issues as well as future ones can be looked at and investigated."

Jaine charges £15.00 for half an hour, £25.00 for an hour and loves to do parties where the fees are negotiable, depending on the amount of people.

If you are interested, please contact Jaine on: 01538 372462 or
07851041366 or 07734300927.

or e mail:


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